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Luxor 270W photovoltaic solar module



Luxor 270W photovoltaic solar module

270W model of the German brand of solar photovoltaic modules Luxor. German engineering at a very tight price. The ideal choice for your roof.

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350,90 €

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  • Luxor 270W photovoltaic solar module

    Luxor 270W photovoltaic solar module

    The 270W model of the Luxor brand consists of 60 polycrystalline cells.

    Its main characteristics are shown below.

    Nominal power

    270 Wp

    Voltage at maximum power Vmp

    31,80 V

    Voltage in open circuit Voc

    38,87 V

    Current at maximum power Imp

    8,50 A

    Current in short-circuit Isc

    8,74 A


    1640 x 992 x 40 mm


    18,6 Kg


    Good Reasons for good Modules:

    German Engineering quality. Developed in Germany. Produced at international locations. Manufactured and checked according to our own production guidelines.

    Positive output tolerance. An extra output of 1.5 Wp up to 6.5 Wp over nominal output.


    10 years on the product

    12 years on 90% of nominal output

    25 years on 80% of nominal output

    All components handpicked, by LUXOR  checked & approved

    Ideal electrical contact in all weathers. Thanks to high-quality and long-lasting plug connection

    Hollow-chamber frame made of anodised aluminium. Stable and corrosion-free. Water can escape from the hollow chamber and the corners of the frames. This prevents frost damage from water freezing in the frame.

    Toughened, low-reflecting Solar glass. Optimised to let through the maximum amount of light

    Certifications. Certification of all Luxor solar modules in accordance with IEC 61215 und IEC 61730, MCS, UL und JET.


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    Luxor 270W photovoltaic solar module