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Solar Panel 255 Wp Amerisolar AS-6P30



Solar Panel Amerisolar AS-6P30 260Wp

Solar polycrystalline photovoltaic module AS-6P30 with 260 W power made by Amerisolar.

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  • Solar Panel Amerisolar AS-6P30 260Wp

    Amerisolar is an American manufacturer of photovoltaic solar modules that offers products with a very attractive value for money. All Amerisolar’s products have 12 years product warranty and 30 years performance guarantee.

    The AS-6P30 260 Wp model is particularly attractive for grid connection facilities on the roofs of homes and businesses, because of their high power with a manageable size for assembly. But it can also be used in off-grid facilities by connecting to MPPT regulators. This option is also attractive because of the reduced price by W of this panel model.

    Electrical features:

    Nominal power

    260 Watt (Wp)

    Voltage at maximum power Vmp

    30,7 V

    Voltage in open circuit Voc

    38,2 V

    Current at maximum power Imp

    8,47 A

    Current in short-circuit Isc

    8,90 A


    1640 x 992 x 40 mm


    18,5 Kg

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    Solar Panel 255 Wp Amerisolar AS-6P30