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Solar Panel 240 Wp SCL240


Solar Panel 240 Wp SCL240

Photovoltaic Solar Panel 240Wp for opff-grid and grid-connected facilities. Suitable for all types of installation. High quality, compliance with all standards (CE, IEC, TUV ...), at a very competitive price.

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SCL 240


320,65 €

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  • Solar Panel 240 Wp SCL240

    The SCL-240P photovoltaic solar module is characterized by being versatile, usable in any installation. His power and size make it ideal for medium to large installations, for their maneuverability while high unit capacity. Both for rooftop installations and on the ground.

    The efficiency of its multicrystalline cells allows high efficiency even at low irradiation. The manufacturing output tolerance is limited to 3%, thus providing a very small deviation between the different elements of a string.

    Its working voltage allows you to work on strings for grid connection facilities of up to 1000V, and isolated applications with MPPT regulators.

    Electrical features:

    Nominal power

    240 Watt (Wp)

    Voltage at maximum power Vmp


    Voltage in open circuit Voc

    29,50 Volt

    Current at maximum power Imp

    36,20 Volt

    Current in short-circuit Isc

    8,15 A


    1639x982x35 mm


    20,30 Kg

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    Solar Panel 240 Wp SCL240