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Solar Panel 190 Wp 24V SCL 190P


Photovoltaic Solar Module 190Wp, high quality at a very competitive price. Although it can be used both isolated facilities and installations connected to the network, its design voltage makes it particularly suitable for stand-alone 24V or 24V multiples. Therefore suitable also for applications such as RVs.

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SCL 190-24


266,20 €

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  • The photovoltaic solar panel SCL-190P is especially suitable for 24V installations, because for such use can be connected directly to conventional PWM controllers.

    The quality of polycrystalline cells achieves high performance even in times of low solar radiation. Its bypass diode decreases partial shading losses. And his little power tolerance allows sets of modules losses adjusted missmatch.

    The SCL-190P is a well balanced and versatile module for all types of facilities, from installations of one module to: isolated telecommunications facilities, RV... to large grid-connected installations. And all with a value very competitive.

    Electrical features:

    Nominal power

        190 Watt (Wp)

    Voltage at maximum power Vmp

        37,08 Volt

    Voltage in open circuit Voc

        45,00 Volt

    Current at maximum power Imp

        5,12 A

    Current in short-circuit Isc

        5,48 A


        1580 x 808 x 40 mm


        15 Kg

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    Solar Panel 190 Wp 24V SCL 190P