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Solar Panel 140Wp 12V SCL 140P


Polycrystalline Solar Panel 140Wp, ideal for remote installations 12V, 12V or multiples. High quality at a very competitive price. Perfect for RVs, solar street lights, pumping ornamental fountains, security systems, etc.

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SCL 140-12


235,95 €

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  • The SCL 140P solar panel is characterized by a balance between the necessary robustness and quality and a competitive cost. It is especially suitable for isolated facilities for their proper voltage for charging 12V, but can be used in any type of PV system.

    In addition to its voltage, its size and power makes it particularly suitable for caravans or RVs. Also suitable for solar street lights, security systems, small pumps, etc.


    High cell efficiency ensures adequate performance even with low levels of irradiation. The panels have a low manufacturing tolerance of 3% in power. The PV module has good stability and high reliability through the use of quality raw materials. The bypass diode minimizes the power drop by partial shading. Junction boxes are resistant to ambient outdoor working condition. Supports high wind force of up to 2400 Pa snow and weighing up to 5400 Pa.


    Nominal power

    140 Watt (Wp)

    Voltage at maximum power Vmp

    18,08 Volt

    Voltage in open circuit Voc

    21,89 Volt

    Current at maximum power Imp

    7,66 A

    Current in short-circuit Isc

    8,19 A


    1485 x 668 x 35 mm


    11,6 Kg

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    Solar Panel 140Wp 12V SCL 140P