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Solar Amorphous PV panel 14Wp 12V



Amorphous silicon module 14Wp special for off-grid application at 12V. 

Amorphous silicon modules are characterized by more diffuse radiation capture (abundant in cloudy days) than conventional crystalline, also have better performance in warm areas.

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  • The front module is protected with a special entry that ensure maximum light crystal. The modules can be easily mounted on RV roofs, balconies or anywhere. The connection is easily done with terminals in a sealed box behind the module. 

    Nominal Output

    14 Watt (Wp)

    Maximum Power Voltage Vmp

    17,50 Volt

    Open Circuit Voltage Voc

    22,00 Volt

    Maximum Power Current Imp

    800 mA

    Short circuit Current Icc

    1000 mA


    920 x 315 x 20 mm


    2,50 KG



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    Solar Amorphous PV panel 14Wp 12V

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