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Solar off-grid lighting kit 12V 30W 94Ah



Solar Kit for 12V lighting.

Consisting of:
- A Solar Photovoltaic module 12V 30W
- A Steca 6A regulator.
- A battery 94Ah 12V monoblock Deka.

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338,80 €

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    If you are unsure what solar kit is the one you should ask us without obligation through this form. We will be happy to advise you at the earliest :)

    This kit is designed to power 12V loads, eg lighting in facilities off grid.
    This kit is designed to provide lighting points in country houses. The battery capacity is equal to the average load of the panel during the week, therefore this kit is designed for applications for weekends. The electric charge is achieved during the week to have enough energy throughout the weekend.
    Allows operation 6 point light 10W for 5 hours a day, even in winter.

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    Solar off-grid lighting kit 12V 30W 94Ah