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Solar off grid lighting kit 14W 12V 20Ah



This kit is designed to provide lighting points to off-grid houses.

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     Our kit consists of:

    • 1 Panel14WpAmorphousSolar12V
      • 1 battery sealed maintenance free 12V 20 Ah Effekta
      • 1 CMP-03 Regulator 12V 3A

    This solar kit is designed for 12V power loads such as lighting facilities in isolated power grid and allows operation 1 5W spot light for 5 hours a day, even in winter. It also serves to illuminate walkways overnight.
    Its regulator can run up two thin-film modules 14 Wp, which is expandable in the kit modules and batteries, as required.

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    Solar off grid lighting kit 14W 12V 20Ah