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Solar Kit  1200W AP SYSTEMS
  • Solar Kit  1200W AP SYSTEMS

Residential Solar Network Connection Kit 1200W AP SYSTEMS

1200W single-phase solar self-consumption kit consisting of 300Wp polycrystalline solar modules, roof mounting system, solar grid connection inverter and interconnection elements such as solar connectors. Ideal for residential installations or small commercial installations with connection to the electricity grid. Easy to assemble and modular solar system to quickly generate savings in the electricity consumption from the grid.


The set of components will provide reliability and good performance throughout its usefullife while providing the expected investment returns.

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Solar Kit Components


Solar panel of 300 Wp to 24V polycrystalline provides good performance in direct radiation conditions suitable for solar installations whether residential or commercial. Its polycrystalline cells also help improve performance in conditions of diffused light and high temperatures allowing a high degree of power generation throughout the year, particularly in southern Europe. Each of the modules allows easy connection to the next solar panel of the series (string) or to the cable back to the inverter (homerun) through its MC4 connectors or equivalent. Optimal balance of cost and performance for small generators that will enjoy good yield and guarantees throughout the life of your solar installation. For more technical information, refer to the panel's technical sheet if available.


APSystemsYC600 solar micro Inverter 600W tied to grid with 2 MPPT’s and 98% performance. The MPPT (maximum power point tracking) provides the solar inverter with the ability to identify the optimum operating point in order to maximize solar radiation at every moment of the day and year. The solar panels are connected in series with each other to subsequently connect to the inverter's input quickly using a plug and play type solar connector (usually MC4). The input voltage ranges from 22 to 48 V according to the different configurations. The APSystems inverter is robust, compact and being an economical option ensures more than adequate functionality of our reliable and durable residential solar installation without problems in its operation. For moreinformation, refer to the inverter technical data sheet.


Coplanar mounting structure on metal roof provides the necessary fixation of the solar panels to the roof. The connection of the panels to the aluminum structure is easy and simple, providing significant savings in labor cost. The coplanar mounting system provides better support against the force of the wind since it reduces the direct surface exposed to it. Additionally, this structure benefits from the inclination of the roof to increase solar energy collection and improve the overall performance of the solar installation.


Specific solar electric cable for 4mm2(whether it is included or needs to be acquired separately)solar installations with double insulation to be able to make the different serial or parallel connections between the solar panels and subsequently connect to the inverter's DC input. The same cable can be used if necessary to connect the panels to the charge controller (for off-grid systems). The 4mm2 cable section allows the current to be transmitted efficiently without excessive voltage drops, managing the system voltage while ensuring the correct operation of the solar installation in high temperature ranges (derating).


Solar connectors (MC4) compatible with the connectors of the solar panels and the input of the inverter by means of a simple “plug and play” operation. These connectors will be used to easily crimp the solar electric cables and thus close the circuit between the output of the solar panel chains and the input of the inverter. The set consists of male / female couple / s necessary for rapid solar installation. The connector kit also comes with a metal stem so that it can be inserted into the plastic parts. Through a "click" sound we will make sure that the connectors have been connected correctly. By stretching the cable lightly, we will verify that the rod has been crimped correctly.

Technical data:

Total Power

1200 W

Number of solar module in the kit


Power per module

300 Wp

Solar module type


Inverter nominal power (W)

2 x 600 W

Inverter Brand


Inverter input voltage operating range (V)

22 a 48 V

Inverter input current operating range

0 a 20 A

Racking system


Racking material

Aluminum 6060

Solar cable

No included

System monitoring



- Solar modules: 10 years product & 25 yearsproduction

- Inverter: 5years

- Racking: 5 years product

- Solar cable: N/A

- Monitoring system: 5years

Kit content

- 4x solar panels 300 Wp Polycrystalline

- 2x monophasic inverter 600Wp AP Systems

- Coplanar racking systems with rails, connectors and nuts and bolts

- 1x AC closing line cap

- Monitoring system with non-grid feeding control

- 2x sets of MC connectors

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