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What are Off-grid Solar PV Kits?

The Off-grid solar PV kits from tienda-solar are composed of the main elements of the solar installation to generate electricity.

The Off-grid Solar Kits are those used in homes isolated from the electricity grid. These are composed of solar panels and batteries necessarily, with corresponding regulators, inverters, etc.

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  • This kit is designed to provide lighting points to off-grid houses.

    99,00 €
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  • Solar Kit for 12V lighting. Consisting of: - 2 Solar Thin Film Photovoltaic panels of 14 Wp each - A solar 3A regulator. - A sealed maintenance free battery Effekta BTL 12-20, 12V and 20Ah.

    149,00 €
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  • Solar Kit for 12V lighting. Consisting of: - A Solar Photovoltaic module 12V 30W- A Steca 6A regulator.- A battery 94Ah 12V monoblock Deka.

    338,80 €
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  • Solar off grid lighting kit 12V 85W 80Ah  Solar Kit consists of: - 1 solar panel 85Wp 12V SCL- 1 solar Steca Solsum 6.6F 6A 12V- 1 solar battery 12V 80Ah monoblock Power 80 This kit is designed to provide lighting to 12V in isolated systems.

    390,00 €
  • Kit for stand alone solar lighting at 12V. Consisting of: - A Photovoltaic Solar module SCL140W 12V - A 10A EPSolar regulator. - A battery 110Ah 12V monoblock Power.

    590,90 €
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  • Solar Kit for country homes 230V. Comprises: - A panel Photovoltaic Solar 140W 12V SCL - A 10A EPSolar regulator - A monoblock battery Power 110Ah 12V - A sine wave inverter 175W TBS

    665,00 €
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  • Off-grid solar lighting and TV kit Complete solar kit for off-grid installation, designed to supply small loads, for example lighting, mobile charger and flat TV. The kit comes with solar wiring, structure for the modules and complete pack of protections.

    1 109,00 €
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  • Off-grid solar kit 230V. Comprises:      - One Photovoltaic Solar Panel LDK or Jinko 180Wp 24V GM. - A Steca 8A regulator. - Two 12V batteries 80Ah monoblock Power. - A sine wave inverter Stude AJ 600, 500W 24-230V.

    1 617,77 €
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