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Pure Sine Wave Inverter 175W 12V TBS PureSine PS200-12



Sine Inverter 175W 12V TBS PS200-12

The Powersine line for professional inverters from TBS brand is a pure sine wave line offers superior performance for a wide range of applications. Stands above the rest in its pure sinusoidal output interference, which allows Powersine inverters ensure proper operation in sensitive equipment like displays, metering devices or battery chargers. 

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  • Sine Inverter 175W 12V TBS PS200-12

    Electronic robust and suitable mechanical design make Powersine inverters the best choice for reliability. They are designed for long life with protection against short circuit, overload and high temperature, will provide trouble-free operation for many years.

    Using the latest technology results in an extremely efficient operation with low power consumption without load. The ASB function, available in all Powersine inverters, reduces consumption without charging an extra 70%.

    General characteristics:

    •   AC output (AC) pure sine wave
    •   Robust Design
    •   High output transient
    •   High efficiency
    •   Protection from high and low battery voltage, high temperature, overload and short circuit
    •   Automatic Standby function to reduce no-load consumption
    •   Variable speed cooling fan for quiet operation
    •   Ability to remote operation on / off (with accessories)
    •   Remote control capability via TBSLink (with accessories)
    •   Easy access for wiring connection
    •   CE certificate
    •   2 years warranty


    •   Recreational Vehicles
    •   Solar Systems
    •   Industrial Systems
    •   Service vehicles
    •   Marine Applications

    Technical characteristics:

    Input voltaje


    Output Power (nominal)


    Output Power (10 minutes)


    Power output (peak)


    Output voltage

    230Vac ± 2%

    Output frequency

    50Hz ± 0.05% or 60Hz ± 0.05%

    Output wave

    Pure sine wave (THD < 5% @ Pnom)

    Maximum efficiency


    Operating temperature range

    -20 °C to +50 °C


    Short circuit, overload, high temperature, low battery voltage

    Package Size

    154 x 98 x 130 mm


    2.4 kg

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    Pure Sine Wave Inverter 175W 12V TBS PureSine PS200-12