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Inversor Victron Phoenix 48/5000



Solar inverter Victron Phoenix 48/5000 48V 4000W

4000W Solar Inverter Victron Phoenix series for off-grid systems for use in 48V systems ,model Victron Phoenix 48/5000 model.
Robust, functional and economic investor with possibility of use in parallel and three phase configurations, enabling meet any power requirement.

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  • Solar inverter Victron Phoenix 48/5000 48V 4000W

    The Victron Phoenix series is characterized by high-end features at an affordable price. With its technology SinusMax get greater powers to the nominal start, allowing maintain service in adverse situations.

    The high frequency hybrid technology allows a perfect sine wave into a product of adjusted size, lightweight and high quality. The Victron Phoenix series inverters are suitable for difficult loads such as small power tools and computers.


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    Inversor Victron Phoenix 48/5000