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What is a 48V-230V inverter charger?

The inverter charger 48V-230V is an electronic device that converts electricity in the form of direct current, contained in a bank of 48 Vdc batteries, to AC electricity at 230 Vac equal to that of the conventional power grid. Further allowing, thanks to the charger function, recharging of the battery pack if necessary from an external power source, for example from an auxiliary generator.

These models are typically used in off-gird systems of medium or large size, because these systems are mounted with storage at 48V, but can also be used for low power.

As part of a complete solar kit, 48V-230V inverter creates an AC pure sine wave grid, suitable for all types of conventional electrical appliances. In an assembly of kit solar panels, controllers or solar charger, battery bank 48 Vdc and inverter 48V-230V, this is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into direct current generated cleanly into electrical energy into alternating current usable for any electrical equipment.


Like any inverter, the 48V-230V models are electronic devices that create an electricity grid in the desired location. Allowing the use of electrical equipment at any remote location.

Given the variety of models, both available power and characteristics, it can be adapted to the needs of any user. And setting a device tailored to each client.

The inverter chargers 48V-230V have a charger option that allows recharge the batteries if necessary from an external source of alternating current, such as from an auxiliary gasoline generator or from the conventional power grid itself.

The minimum configuration required to complete a solar kit with such investors will; one solar panels, or a single regulator or solar charger, a battery bank consisting of at least 4 x 12 Vdc batteries in parallel and an inverter 48V-230V kit. Being able to install wind generators in parallel with the solar kit.

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