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What are Instantaneous Self-consumption Solar PV Kits?

An Solar KIT from tienda-solar of Instantaneous Self-consumption consists of a PV solar modules kit plus a solar inverter for grid connection, in some cases with supporting structure for solar panels and / or systems that prevent the feed into the grid of the surplus energy from installation.

With these kits we can generate solar electricity for our home or business. Since not prevent the feed into the electricity network, they must be sized so that our energy consumption always exceeds the generation we get from the kit.

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    Photovoltaic Solar Kit 250W for self-consumption. Solar Kit consisting of 240Wp solar panel and inverter 250 W. Ideal for beginners in electrical self-consumption, it is a perfectly expandable kit. SAVE OVER € 100 PER YEAR! * Free shipping

    590,00 €
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  • Air conditioning Kit Solar optimized for solar panels 720Wp solar panels. The adjustable air conditioning which makes saving.

    2 190,00 €
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