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CT XL Sensor


CT XL Sensor for measurements in specific assemblies. It can be used on cables up to 20mm measuring up to 125A.

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  • Additional sensors XL for use with all our monitors. Our monitors are supplied with a sensor. If your home works with a 3 phase supply, then you need 2 additional sensors. This sensor works with cables between 12 and 19 mm in diameter.

    How it works

    All our sensors come with 3 holes in the base. Remove the cover and connecting the sensor, if you need to place more, must do the same with other sensors.

    If you need a sensor to a monitor you already have, what kind of REVISA There, ie the sensor and the monitor are compatible before ordering, so make sure you get the right product. If you need to buy additional sensors for a new monitor you're shopping, you can apply through our online store.

    If you had an old monitor, you may need a sensor type "DC"

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    CT XL Sensor