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Engage Hub Solo




Online only

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  • Engage hub only lets you see how much energy is being consumed at home in real time, online via our FREE web portal or through your smartphone with our applications for Android, iPad and iPhone. Knowing your intake, you can modify your energy habits and therefore reduce your electricity bill. FREE Web Portal, no monthly fees

    Features Engage Hub Solo

    - Visualize your consumption with our FREE online portal

    - Join the online community booming energy savers

    - Access your consumption information anywhere, anytime

    - Your use on your smartphone with our applications for Android, iPad and iPhone

    - Download your consumption data in Excel

    - Avoid surprises in the electricity bill. Monitor your costs in real time

    - Discover and reduces your carbon footprint

    - Learn with your family about your consumption

    - Use engage hub to reduce energy consumption

    NOTE: This product is designed for users who have the efergy monitor. This product is no sensor or transmitter. The only engage hub is compatible with our transmitters in version 2 or higher, however, is not compatible with version 1. Check the version of your transmitter watching the sensor itself. This product is compatible with counters elite / e2 IR. Not compatible with HM01 monitor and ecotouch.

    MICROGENERATION: For customers who generate their own energy. This product detects the direction of current therefore not be seen as consumption. If you need a monitor that measures the generation and consumption might like to Ennova our new product.

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    Engage Hub Solo