Monoblock battery 12V 244Ah Deka ProMaster 8C12



Monoblock battery 12V 244Ah Deka Promaster 8C12

Battery high quality suitable for solar applications. High Capacity Battery 12V 244 Ah Promaster model 8C12, Manufacturer of american DEKA BATTERIES.

Dimensions: 394x178x362 mm

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The range of solar batteries DEKA offers fiabilidad con poco Maintenance for 12V applications. They are specially suitable for renewable energy facilities, and nautical and caravanning in las todas las aplicaciones in that necesitan Frequently Ciclos profundos and Maintenance where a minimum is convenient.

DEKA BATTERIES Manufacturer batteries is the independent and modern más grande del mundo. Fabrican miles of lead-acid batteries of distinct types destinadas tamaños and a very wide range of applications. Since 1946 account with a reputation unmatched in the industry for the quality of the fabrications productos producidos in facilities vanguard.

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Monoblock battery 12V 244Ah Deka ProMaster 8C12